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In search of the best tea in the world
Quality, Freshness, Value
The best Sweetness honey in the world
Factory of Company
Nyungwe Highland Honey
Inside factory of Tea
Farmer Plantation of our Tea
Our products are exporting on time

We are a coffee roasting company with one seemingly simple goal: to produce the finest, freshest, most skillfully roasted coffee beans available anywhere - Serious Coffee.®


MIG Ltd About Us

HISTORY OF MIG LTD Multisectorial Investment Group (MIG LTD) is a public limited company created on March 5, 2004 MISSION The main mission of the company is to make profitable investments identified in the Southern Province, particularly in the Gikongoro Province, especially in the following areas : a) Tea industry b) Coffee industry (...)

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Rwanda standards boards(RSB)

The Rwanda standards boards hereby certifies that
the above mentioned company has been audited and found to comply withmanagement system requirements of the standard

The alliance for coffee excellence ,inc. and OCIR CAFÉ

For winning the prestigious 2008 cup of excellence‘’ award during the internation competition held at huyerwanda during theweekof august 25-29/2008