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Ndayambaje Augustin

Ndayambaje Augustin was born and raised in south province, Nyamagabe District, Cyanika. He began working with his father at the farm at a very young age learning the basics of coffee growing and production. From 1982 has started his own coffee farming and has stayed involved with the coffee business ever since.

He currently owns more than 2,000 coffee trees and has started teaching his 2 children the benefits of coffee farming and the benefits they would generate, so far one child owns 500 coffee trees and the other 200 coffee trees.

Ndayambaje Augustin says coffee farming has given him so much benefit that he has been able to buy a plot and build a house worth 3 million and be able to pay for his 5 children school fees and a health insurance on time.
And he has also started a cattle breeding project and is still buying farms in order to expand his coffee business.

Augustin said “ It has been a blessing since i started working with MIG Coffee many years ago. Because i know that they will pay a fair price for our coffee, we are able to keep investing the whole year in order to have a good harvest and a profitable coffee business”
. “Thanks to this relationship and the growth we have had, we are improving our conditions each year, and we have been able to benefit so much. In the long term, we know this will impact our entire community.

Augustin said that working together with MIG COFFEE providing him the proper insecticides, fertilizers and other tools along with practical application advice.
It was beneficial to him and he has been able to achieve a lot as a coffee farmer.

MIG COFFEE is strongly engaged in strengthening the position of smallholder coffee farmers, ’’When you purchase MIG Coffee you are joining our efforts to improve the lives of our farmers.’’