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Testimony : Growing coffee still profitable

Rwanda is home to a great number of coffee Farmers, where the country’s lavish and waver hillsides are well suited to coffee production.

MIG is strongly engaged in strengthening the position of smallholder coffee farmers.
In this following Article, you can read the testimony of Nsabimana Paulin one of the prominent coffee farmers from Maraba Sector in Huye District, south province of Rwanda.

Listen his stories, what their homes and farms look like. What makes a coffee farmer happy, what are the hopes and expectations of a coffee’s farmers.

My name is Nsabimana Paulin and I live in Nkorwe village, Buremera cell, Maraba sector, Huye district and I am 56 years old.

I was born and grown in a coffee growers family, It was in 1986 that I started growing my own coffee, in addition to the 100 I had been given by my parents, and to this day I have grown to over 500.

Just as coffee is an economic crop, which grows once in a year it helps us in many ways, overall we find it very productive and we benefit from it, and I have achieved a lot through coffee Farming, I have been able to build my own house as a young man, I have been able to find a wife, and I have been able to pay for my children’s school fees through Coffee farming.
I hope that even in the coming season, I will see results in productivity that will give me real benefits and sell all my yields to MIG Buremera factory which we work together so that i will make profits and save so I will be able to continue to pay for my children fees easily and invest in other agricultural activities.

In general, I am grateful to the government for taking care of the coffee farming Sector, and MIG Buremera Factory giving us coffee seedlings. In addition their agronomist Team taught us to renew our old coffee farms. Cutting down the grown up plants leaving in the good ones and replanting in new coffee.

Now our coffee farms are again good and giving better yields so that in the harvest season we would reap much cherries and give us benefits that will help us take care of ourselves. Buying livestock, provide groceries to household, buying clothes all that come from coffee farming.

My goal is to keep growing coffee in all my farms so that even when I get older my children will continue to grow and benefit from it. We are also encouraged to use organic manure from our own livestock’s waste in planting coffee tree and we will continue to encourage young generation to involve and take care of coffee farming, as it is a guarantee for the future and I believe that coffee will change the current issue of unemployment in our country especially for our youth.