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MIG has been at the front of specialty in Agri-business since 2004. All our business is done at a fixed price, above the cost of production, with an eye towards sustainability and outright, reliable prices for producers. Since communication is such a key ingredient to successful relationships, MIG is here to help, we have suggestions for building and maintaining a relationship that can work for farmers and buyers timelines. MIG has more than 5000 farmers grouped together helping them to develop, assisting them with best agricultural practices and investing in various agricultural sectors with the purpose to improve their livelihoods and reduce poverty.

Quality and Quantity

With More Quantity you earn a lot

We can make the biggest impact on farmers’ livelihoods when they sell a larger portion of their farm’s total harvest.”

Quality Is key

In order to prosper, farmers need to sell their entire harvest, not just the choicest parts. For exemple, MIG purchase as much of our Farmer’s total output as possible, while boosting for quality where we can.

Impact on community

MIG Ltd gives back to communities in different ways. The investments both in coffee and tea and other agriculture sectors have positively impacted on livelihoods of thousands of Farmers not only through employment creation but also provision of other social Services.