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Tea Factory

MUSHUBI TEA FACTORY main hall where all TEA processing are carried

The Gate of The Factory

Workers get tested and wash hands before entering the Factory in order to prevent Covid 19

Signs showing where the work is done

Before entering Tea processing hall, there is instructions to follow

Inside factory employees offices where they follow how tea is processed

Green Leaves after offloaded and received

Tea in processing step of fermentation

Drying Process

All packaged Tea waiting to be exported

Apart from the factory, there is a house where the administration works

MTF use lightning conductor to protect from a lightning strike

The factory provides a safe professional working environment to its employees, focusing on the well-being of workers, and support the surrounding communities of MTC by improving their livelihood

Water waste plant

The company complies with environmentally friendly procedures set by REMA (Rwanda Environment Management Authority)
and its plantations and production system are regularly audited and certified. Such certifications include : food safety management systems and Rainforest alliance certification