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Tea was introduced in Rwanda in 1952 and is now one of the country’s largest exports. The fertile volcanic soil and temperate climate make for perfect tea growing environments. Inspired by favorable climate, weather and soils on which the teas are grown between 1,900m and 2,500 meters high on the pleasant undulating hills. The good quality of green leaf is defined by a regular fresh hills moisten and naturally cultivated fields making it (green leaf) have an original and purest taste.

Mushubi Tea Company is located in Nyamagabe District, Buruhukiro Setor in western south Region and it was created on 12/30/2014. it is the result of the merger of two companies NYUNGWE HIGHLAND TEA COMPANY (NHTC LTD) and NILE TEA COMPANY (NTC LTD).

The primary goal was to produce high-quality tea while also promoting the socioeconomic development of farmers in the region and surrounding communities.

Mushubi tea plantations sit on rich drained soils, of which 400 hectares belong to Mushubi Tea Company and 630 hectares to COOTHEGAB cooperative, at 2,400 meters above sea level.
The majority of tea is grown on large Mushubi factory plantations, with a large benefit from cooperative plantations.

and a partnership between the factory and the cooperative resulted in a large profit for both parties, including good agricultural practices, fertilizer supply, leaf purchase at a fair price, collection and timely delivery of high-quality green leaf, and other initiatives.

All of the following are the objectives for which the company was founded :

- To produce the highest quality tea possible.

- Customer and stakeholder-centered

- To provide a healthy and safe working environment for employees

- To uphold high ethical standards

- Equality in the workplace

- Social accountability

Green leaves picked from both Industrial blocks and Cooperative plantations are processed into black tea, total annual production of Made teas (Black CTC) of Mushubi Tea Factory is over 1 million Kg and then auctioned off in Kenya

MUSHUBI Tea Factory produces fresh pure CTC Black tea with its reputation for unique aroma and taste.

Quality is what drives Mushubi Tea Factory to produce perfect black CTC tea, In general, high-quality tea leaves should feel the same way they look : smooth, whole, and sturdy.

It should also have a slight heft in your hands ; if your tea feels feather-light, it could be an indication that it was over-dried or is getting old.

Taste : Great tea will have a strong, distinct flavor and mouth feel. Our quality control inspects the tea that is delivered to the factory for damaged leaves as well as leaves that are too young, overgrown, or deceased.

Our quality control teams work tirelessly to ensure that every customer receives the perfect cup of tea.

Mushubi tea is an industry leader in terms of health, safety, food cleanliness, and environmental sustainability, and its production follows best practices.

Mushubi Tea Factory maintains a high standard in tea manufacturing, with hygiene being the most important and fundamental requirement.

For example, it is mandatory for our workers to wash their hands before entering the factory, to wear a standard suit of clothing, hat, hand gear, and mask before engaging in the process of tea making or any other activities, and the factory keeps cleanliness records of their workers, factory, and machinery.

Waste generated within the factory is separated and disposed of properly, REMA (Rwanda Environment Management Authority)-mandated environmentally friendly procedures are followed by the company, and its plantations and production system are audited and certified on a regular basis.

Food safety management systems and Rainforest alliance certification are two examples of such certifications.